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Burren Outdoor Education Centre
Bell Harbour
Co. Clare, Ireland

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The Burren is well known for its rocky limestone landscape and this also makes it one of the centres of rock climbing in Ireland. Rock climbing is scaling the steep rock faces using your agility, strength and balance, it is demanding but can be personally rewarding, both physically and mentally. Safety is always maintained by use of ropes and harnesses, team work is also important so it promotes trust among groups and builds self-esteem. Abseiling is the controlled descent of the same rock face using special equipment and an extra safety rope, for the first timer it can be a major personal challenge!

The Burren Outdoor education centre provides qualified, experienced local tutors and guides and all necessary safety equipment for an enjoyable introduction to rock climbing and abseiling or a more advanced session.

Basic introductory sessions are run at a local crag, and involve a half days climbing and abseiling. The climbing in these sessions is at beginner level and most people will find this type of session achievable, fun and rewarding.

Because we have access to a range of venues, our climbing sessions can be tailored to suit your needs. The more adventurous may want something a little more advanced. This type of session can include harder climbing and improvement of technique or rope work. There are also a few venues with longer abseils upto 30 metres.

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