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Burren OEC

Burren Outdoor Education Centre
Bell Harbour
Co. Clare, Ireland

Tel. 065 7078066
Fax. 065 7078195

Office hours 9am-5pm
Lunch 1pm-2pm

Email: burrenoec@lcetb.ie


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Discover the underwater world with a mask and snorkel. Most people enjoy the freedom of movement of this activity and find the experience truly stimulating.

The shoreline of Burren is teeming with life, shoals of fish, occasional starfish, scuttling crabs and waving seaweed are only a few of the things that may be seen. We use a number of locations for our sessions including  the famous Flaggy Shore, just 5 minutes from the centre; and Gleninagh pier near Ballyvaughan where an extra treat can be had if the tide is in.

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