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Burren code and LNT

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The Burren Code:

All visitors to BOEC are asked to support the principles of the Burren Code and Leave No Trace to help safeguard this unique landscape:

 •  Leave the limestone pavement as you find it *

•  Preserve natural habitats and leave wildflowers undisturbed.

•  Take care not to damage monuments, walls and buildings

•  Respect landowners, their property and their livestock

•  Park and camp in designated areas

•  Leave no trace of your visit, take nothing but memories.

 *  Limestone Pavement is listed as a “Priority Habitat” in the European Habitats Directive, 1992, and is protected by law.

 Goto www.burrenconnect.ie/burren_code/burren_code.html for translations

The principles of LEAVE NO TRACE.

The Leave No Trace programme is designed to help outdoor enthusiasts value the natural environment, to understand the impact of their activities, and to enable them to make decisions to minimise that impact while still enjoying their activities with freedom.

  1. Plan ahead and prepare.
  2. Be considerate of others
  3. Respect farm animals and wildlife
  4. Travel and camp on durable ground
  5. Leave what you find
  6. Dispose of waste properly
  7. Minimise the effects of fire

Practice a Leave No Trace ethic: Make it hard for others to see or hear you and LEAVE NO TRACE of your visit.

Click here for more information on the Leave No Trace organisation

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