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Environmental policies

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Burren Outdoor Education Centre Environmental Policy Statement

The unique Burren environment and its communities are at the heart of everything that we do.  It is only through careful use of the natural resources of the Burren and the cooperation and support of the local land owners and community that we are able to do what we do!

We are committed to the preservation of the unique Burren landscape and to the vibrant, local communities that have been part of the Burren for thousands of years.

 * Outdoor Activities

We believe that the provision of positive, engaging experiences through adventure in the Buren will foster strong connections with the natural world. Such natural experiences will promote deeper awareness and understanding of the Burren and appreciation of the continued value of the Burren and other natural places in our modern world.

 Our expert and experienced tutors, instructors and guides will assist in developing our clients understanding and appreciation of the unique environment through which we pass.

 Impact on landscape and culture

Environmental impact is a key criterion for consideration during every site-specific activity we undertake. Venues that we use regularly are monitored to ensure that man-induced erosion is managed and kept to a minimum.

 The history and culture of the Burren is very important to locals and visitors alike.  Burren OEC seeks to actively promote our cultural heritage and will not participate in activities which threaten to erode that rich heritage.

 * Consumption of natural resources

Burren OEC is keen to reduce the amount of resources that we and our clients consume. We monitor our use of energy and water and promote simple measures to reduce electricity use – switching off lights, sockets, turning off all computers and chargers when not in use.


We do not provide ‘motorised adventure’ and only use vehicles as a means of transporting our staff, equipment and clients to the best venues throughout the Burren. We experience the Burren through human power – be on foot or on the water.

 * Recycling

We seek to minimize the amount of waste generated at the centre. We reuse paper and envelopes and recycle all possible materials – paper, cardboard, plastic containers and glass and compost all raw food waste. We ask all of our clients to help us with this and use the recycling bins at the centre.

We source recycled paper and office supplies from a reputable supplier.

 * Contamination of air, water and soil

During each activity session we avoid leaving litter and pollution at all costs and actively encourage our clients to respect the environment through which they are passing.

Links with local community

The Burren OEC work in partnership with local farmers and landowners to facilitate access to our activity sites. This cooperation and support is crucial.

We offer a venue to local community groups for meetings and support local producers and businesses.

 Our staff team is composed of those native to the Burren and those who have now made their home in the locality.

 * Economic sustainability

While the Burren OEC is a non profit organization, we need to impose fees to ensure long term sustainability and to cover costs. We bring many benefits to the economy of our local area and help to ensure that these communities remain viable.  Without income, there are no jobs, no payments to suppliers and less personal development opportunities for local people and visitors.

 * Leave No Trace

All our trips seek to minimize our negative impacts on the environment we travel in, both to the wildlife and other users who are living in or out enjoying the Burren landscape.

We actively promote ‘Leave No Trace’ policies and ethics and we can give advice and awareness training for your own use of the outdoors ranging from specific advice for expeditions to generic awareness and appreciation of how to reduce your impacts while out having fun in the outdoors.

Whether you are part of a President’s Award( An Gaisce) on your first trip, or a Mountain Leader with a keen interest in helping your groups to be more mountain friendly, we can advise and / or run a course for you.

 Further information about the Leave No Trace organisation and programs can be found at www.leavenotraceireland.org

 * The Burren OEC supports the following projects / groups:

 Burren Trust

Bat Conservation Ireland

Irish Whale and Dolphin Group


The Burren OEC supports to work of Burren Connect and is an education partner of the Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark. The Centre is also a partner in the Burren Ecotourism Network and Burren Walkers Welcome project.

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