Caving is a really adventurous activity, which offers a rare opportunity to explore the underground stream ways of the Burren. 

To do this safely you will need the right equipment and qualified guides – you will find these at the Burren Outdoor education centre.

There are 200 caves in the Burren, including the longest cave in Ireland – Poulnagollum at 15 km long; and the longest stalactite in Ireland – at 6.5 m in length, we will pick one to suit your requirements.

The hidden world of the Burren offers a wide range of challenges which can be varied from an introductory half day visit in a relatively easy cave to see underground waterfalls, stalactites and stalagmites; to longer and more difficult caves.

These may include using ropes and ladders to descend vertical pots or squeezing through narrow gaps to reach further into the cave.

All specialist equipment including helmets and lights can be provided by the Burren Outdoor Education & Training Centre.

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Video of caving thanks to Alan Kavannagh LIT