Group Visits



Look at the separate pages to see the range of activities we offer in the Burren. Programmes are designed to be flexible, so choose from our wide range of Burren land and water based activities (NB some are weather dependant) and we will draw up a programme to suit.

All the staff at the Burren outdoor education centre are approved by National Governing Bodies for the various activities. This ensures the highest safety standards and more enjoyment for the group but restricts the size of groups we can work with.

Our staff/student ratios are:

Caving / rock-climbing / kayaking / body boarding 1 : 8 Hill-walking / orienteering / team tasks 1 : 12

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Transition Year

Our hugely popular TY residential activity programmes can last from 2 to 5 days and are designed to encourage friendship and team spirit, as well as offering challenge and the opportunity to learn new skills. This type of programme is an ideal way for students to bond together in new class groups at the start of the year.

We can accommodate upto 56 students in our purpose built facities, and with so many different activities to choose from, your group are assured a fantastic experience.

Here at the BOEC we have over 25 years experience of planning and delivering experiential learning programmes to all second level students, you know they will be in safe hands.

“The staff were extremely helpful and accommodating, overall we had a great experience at great value. We would like to thank you all for your hospitality”

Fishbowl Youth, Galway

       “Really enjoyed the food”                                                                                             Corduff & Mulhuddert Youth projects

Leaving Cert Applied

LCA programmes are designed to meet the requirement of the Outdoor Education modules.

Students will :

  • Participate in physical activities and experience success and enjoyment
  • Develop a positive attitude towards further participation in physical activities
  • Learn skills and knowledge for selected activities in a safe manner
  • Develop personal and social relationships through involvement in activities

In this way learning outcomes for the Leisure and Recreation and Active Leisure Studies modules can be achieved.

    “Delighted to have been there and would recommend it to friends”                                                                                    Tucker


It is widely accepted that outdoor activities provide students with a unique learning environment that promotes personal and social development encouraging a wide range of supplementary learning outcomes. These outcomes are hard to measure or record but can be seen as changes in a person’s confidence or ability to work with others.

If there are any particular outcomes you want for your group please let us know.


  • Sense of adventure
  • Fun
  • Environmental awareness
  • Teamwork
  • Challenge
  • Communication skills
  • Decision making
  • Participation
  • Group bonding
  • Self reliance