The hills of the Burren are not very high – the highest point is 344m (Slieve Elva) but the unique and varied landscape more than makes up for any lack of altitude. People are always surprised to learn that the seemingly barren landscape of the Burren is packed with things to see.  It is famous for the variety of flowers to be seen; wild goats and foxes are common and other rare animals and birds may be seen. There are green roads, abbeys and ancient holy wells to be discovered. As well as the incredible rocky karst landscape itself with disappearing rivers, dolines and turloughs.
The Burren has many hills and trails to be explored and it is easy to lose yourself. At the Burren Outdoor Education Centre we offer qualified hill walking guides with excellent local knowledge. Some people are happy with a half day walk, but we can organise a full day’s walk and even an overnight camp for the more adventurous.

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